What should be done to keep elderly drivers and others safe on the road

You can offer concrete help, such as researching transportation options or offering rides when possible. Have a comprehensive driving evaluation performed by an occupational therapist.

It is unfair to punish most elderly drivers for problems caused by only a few drivers. Is taking medications or combinations of medications that might make them drowsy or confused while driving? Has had their vision and hearing tested recently?

AAA Drivers 65 Plus: Her son fully recovered from his broken bones and traumatic brain injury and grew into a kind and aware man, and instead of being devoured by anger at the driver who struck her child, Freund focused her attention on what she calls the "real problem" behind the accident.

By Connie MatthiessenCaring. The group should include family members, health care workers and anyone else respected by the senior. Leave the headlights on all night or disconnect the battery to disable the car. Such an evaluation can also help diffuse accusations from family by providing a neutral third party perspective.

And, the Association for Driver Rehabilitation offers referrals to specialists who teach people with disabilities, including those associated with aging, how to improve their driving.

An Aging Workforce: Keep Older Drivers Safe

Freund believed that people would make good choices if they had good options -- but that there were just no good options. Older unsafe drivers stay on the road because they have no choice. Some adult children have resorted to having their parents' car disabled or found ways to make it disappear; others have hidden the car keys -- and have never found them.

Some of the ITN volunteer drivers are adult children whose own parents live some distance away; they are accumulating ride credits for them. Talk to only their closest friends: Depression in Older Adults: Telling elderly drivers that it may be time to stop driving can be one of the most difficult milestones for caregivers.

Try to help with the transition as much as possible. Know your limitations If a driving situation makes you uncomfortable, avoid it. NIOSH points out that declining coordination may make it challenging for some older drivers to perform two actions at once, i.Mar 12,  · And that problem is this: Older unsafe drivers stay on the road because they have no choice.

Age and Driving

Cars are seen as the key to independence and without them, our worlds shrivel. Hesitation at the wheel could lead to disaster on the road.

Dangerous Senior Drivers

Monitor your elderly driver as they drive, noting if they stop at green lights, or run stop signs and red lights—these unpredictable behaviors could put their safety at risk. While at the wheel, encourage your loved one to avoid distractions such as listening to loud music, talking on the phone, texting, eating, or even following a friend.

Many older adults elect to stop driving proactively if they suspect they're developing driving problems or someone mentions the issue.

Dangerous Senior Drivers

Others stubbornly insist that their driving is as good as it ever was and tune out anyone who tells them differently.

If you have a family member who refuses to acknowledge the problem, try these strategies: Talk to Family Friends. If you've had no luck persuading your parent or. Mar 12,  · Older drivers have the highest fatal crash rate of any group except teenagers.

Bymore than 70 million Americans will be aged 65 or older.

Here's How To Get Dangerous Older Drivers Off The Road

Some states have taken steps to weed out the unsafe older drivers. Road accidents caused by older drivers is growing every year and so do the challenges. In support of Driver Safety Program – lets us bring awareness in senior citizen drivers about mature driver improvement course or 55 alive driving course to improve driving skills on road, refresh their driving knowledge and updates them on latest traffic rules and regulation that help keep older drivers and.

Age and Driving Safety Tips and Warning Signs for Older Drivers. For many of us, driving is a key aspect of maintaining our independence as we age. But it's normal for our driving abilities to change as we get older. By reducing risk factors and incorporating safe driving practices, you may be able to continue driving safely long into your senior years.

What should be done to keep elderly drivers and others safe on the road
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