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Attention to structural concerns and the competitive process are especially important in the context of online platforms, where price-based measures of competition are inadequate to capture market dynamics, particularly given the role and use of data.

What are the Antitrust Writing Awards?

For thoughtful feedback at various stages of this project, I am also grateful to Christopher R. In some instances, this meant halting horizontal deals—mergers combining two direct competitors operating in the same market or product line—that would have handed the new entity a large share of the market.

On March 31,a second settlement payment was mailed to eligible Class Members. Predatory Pricing Through the mid-twentieth century, Congress repeatedly enacted legislation targeting predatory pricing.

The Supreme Court ruled for the government and ordered the break-up of the company. Academics and practitioners making valuable contributions to the literature see their names recognised and their work publicized However, you can be part of a lawsuit against one or more of these settling Defendants only if you excluded yourself both from the applicable Settlement Class and the Certification Class.

What Are My Options? A February decision of the federal district court in Brooklyn, New York, in favor of the Justice Department and the states, and an order prohibiting American Express AmEx from enforcing these nondiscriminatory provisions NDPs in contracts with merchants, were reversed and remanded by the Antitrust writing awards 2015 Circuit in Septemberwith instructions to enter judgment in favor of AmEx.

Second, because online platforms serve as critical intermediaries, integrating across business lines positions these platforms to control the essential infrastructure on which their rivals depend.


Congress, as well as state legislatures, viewed predatory pricing as a tactic used by highly capitalized antitrust writing awards 2015 to bankrupt rivals and destroy competition—in other words, as a tool to concentrate control. All errors are my own. In order to improve equal access and the fair administration of justice, the funds appropriated in Schedule 7 are available for distribution by the Judicial Council through the Legal Services Trust Fund Commission in support of the Equal Access Fund Program to qualified legal services projects and support centers as defined in Sections toinclusive, of the Business and Professions Code, to be used for legal services in civil matters for indigent persons.

What lines of business is a firm involved in and how do these lines of business interact? The Court said that it would consider the second question presented. In the rare case that vertical integration did create this form of market power, he believed that it would be disciplined by actual or potential entry by competitors.

During the s, for example, the number of Robinson-Patman Act cases that the FTC brought dropped dramatically, reflecting the belief that these cases were of little economic concern. By contrast, allowing a highly concentrated market structure to persist endangers these long-term interests, since firms in uncompetitive markets need not compete to improve old products or tinker to create news ones.

The Department of Finance shall notify the Chairperson of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee of its intent to approve the funding request 30 days before notifying the judicial branch of its decision. AU Optronics, F. Other frozen pie manufacturers, including Continental, began selling at below-cost prices in the Salt Lake City market, while keeping prices in other regions at or above cost.

On January 29,the third and final settlement payment was mailed to eligible Class Members. By this measure, Amazon has excelled; it has evaded government scrutiny in part through fervently devoting its business strategy and rhetoric to reducing prices for consumers.

To achieve scale, the company prioritized growth. This is because the best guardian of competition is a competitive process, and whether a market is competitive is inextricably linked to—even if not solely determined by—how that market is structured.

Reimbursements to Support for Operation of Trial Courts To have our work not only recognized, but recognized by board members whose work we respect so much and by institutions with so much credibility, is a rare and delightful treat.

Awards and honors[ edit ] An entry barrier is a cost that must be borne by a firm seeking to enter an industry but is not carried by firms already in the industry. The Antitrust Writing Awards Jury contributes to this achievement by selecting the best writings published in The most recent issue to be taken up by the Court involves a Second Circuit decision that vacated a district court judgment against Chinese vitamin C manufacturers for fixing prices.

To have our work not only recognized, but recognized by board members whose work we respect so much and by institutions with so much credibility, is a rare and delightful treat.

The Chicago School approach bases its vision of industrial organization on a simple theoretical premise: The Second Circuit concluded, that because the Chinese government had filed a formal statement in the district court asserting that Chinese law required the defendants to set prices and reduce quantities of vitamin C sold abroad and because the manufacturers could not simultaneously comply with Chinese law and U.

What Do The Settlements Provide? The Fifth and Eleventh Circuits have held that state action immunity is an immunity against suit rather than a mere defense against liability, and concluded that if a denial of state action immunity cannot be appealed immediately, then in effect it cannot be appealed at all.

This dual role also enables a platform to exploit information collected on companies using its services to undermine them as competitors. Even if you objected to a Settlement or proposed Settlement Class, you will remain a member of that proposed Settlement Class.

A focus on process assigns government the task of creating background conditions, rather than intervening to manufacture or interfere with outcomes. The aim of the Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards is to promote competition scholarship and to contribute to competition advocacy.

In his first letter to shareholders, Bezos wrote: That's just the kind of writer he was; he got everything right the first time.It’s shaping up to be a busy term for antitrust issues at the U.S.

Supreme Court. The Court on January 12 decided to review a third antitrust case. In the context of a price fixing action against foreign vitamin C manufacturers, the Court will consider “whether a court may exercise independent review of an appearing Continue reading.

Archive for the ‘Working Papers’ Category. Antitrust Writing Awards with one comment. Concurrences has launched the edition of the Antitrust Writing Awards. Among the roughly 50 articles selected for each of the.

The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Editorial Committee and the Readers. Each of these contribute to the Awards selection process.

Sections & Committees

The Editorial Committee of the Institute of Competition Law selects a pool of articles based on Steering Committees members suggestions.

Clients throughout the world seek the advice of our antitrust lawyers. They count on our extensive experience in litigation against governmental authorities or private parties, counseling on delicate questions and comprehensive worldwide coverage of merger control regimes.

The Antitrust Writing Awards Jury contributes to this achievement by selecting the best writings published in The articles are selected by the Jury and by Readers. The Jury consists of a Board, an Academic and a Business Steering Committees composed of the leading academics and counsels.

Institute of Competition Law (or Institut de droit de la concurrence) The Antitrust Writing Awards aim to encourage scholarship in the areas of antitrust and law & economics by honoring excellent written pieces in the field. Awards are given in two separate categories.

Antitrust writing awards 2015
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